Apocalyptic Poetry

by Linda Breeden

Perhaps their arrogance will give us pause
The smug self-assurance they wield,
believing like despots before them,
that only they could solve the “problem” of man—
his relentless need, his copious progeny cluttering a too-small planet
must surely require the vanquishing of his kind.

Perhaps their lies will galvanize our resolve,
the calculated dissection of society with razor-like deceit,
cutting away flesh from the bone of our ideals,
pitting race against race, compliant against not,
an apartheid of propaganda where truth dwells only in shadow
and those who question are shamed and reviled.

Perhaps the future they prescribe will stir our blood
the total control of thought and outcome,
of banished choice and lording over mankind
as if he were an infestation to be rid,
the dismantling of Camelot to bestow upon the human tribe
the yoke of slavery.

Perhaps it’s their mockery of truth, of sense and science that
will finally awaken us.
For theirs is a spurious truth, not to build a better world
but to shield themselves from imagined pursuers and glut themselves upon
the carrion remains of the world they have slain.
for they are scared little men raining down tyranny upon all humanity
until, Perhaps, we say NO MORE.

(and we will be forced to confront?)

(and we will make our voices heard?)

(and we will rise up?)

(and we will be giants)