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Paper Money Diehards Refuse to Fold

Many businesses take payment only by card or phone, but a pro-cash movement is urging people to ‘Resist! Defy! Don’t comply!’

Paper Money Diehards Refuse to Fold2023-05-27T14:39:24+00:00

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly Into the distance, a ribbon of black Stretched to the point of no turning back A flight of fancy on a windswept field Standing alone my senses reeled A fatal attraction is holding me fast How can I escape this irresistible grasp? Can’t keep my eyes from the circling

Learning to Fly2023-01-20T15:26:43+00:00

Who Put the Bomp

Who Put the Plan in the Planetary Ping Pong? Voice and karaoke mix: Neal Fox Lyrics: Dean Blehert, with apologies to The Overtones Who put the dem in pandemonium? Who put the plan in the planetary ping pong? Who put the ic in the icky PANdemic? Who put the jab

Who Put the Bomp2023-01-20T11:46:10+00:00

Reignite Freedom

Join the Global Walkout. Non-compliance is the proven effective way to push back.

Reignite Freedom2022-12-03T19:45:46+00:00

North Hampton Chatter

NORTH HAMPTON CHATTER a. I wanted to see where time worshipped you we did not grow old together and time ravaged rather than revered b. city hall mode of reflections of glorious past recounted memory how we longed to sit wave to fellow travelers who on Sunday became republicans and lost their comradery c.

North Hampton Chatter2023-01-20T10:31:50+00:00


IMPORTING LETTERS I used to import the letters for my poems from Switzerland because of their precision and multi-lingual characteristics my poetry would then hone in on topics that I felt were of international concern Soon after I turned to France I wanted to put some romance into my poems and I thought what

IMPORTING LETTERS2022-06-10T11:56:52+00:00


THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FINANCED The revolution will be financed by corporate America Because profit margin is so strong… Therevolution.com will float an IPO financed by Wall Street moguls Larry Jaffe

THE REVOLUTION WILL BE FINANCED2022-06-10T11:51:09+00:00


21ST CENTURY ZOMBIE A man steps on the moon Almost 50 years later He steps in mayhem His trousers wrinkled From defeat His necktie ruined From hanging intruders His shirt speckled With the blood of spectators – Who is this man? – Why does he wreak havoc so recklessly? He is coated with the

21ST CENTURY ZOMBIE2022-06-10T11:32:04+00:00
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