Billion Gates

Billion Gates I used to value normalcy but this, they said, was not to be. Good things don't come to him who waits: you have to pass old Billion Gates. A billion gates to normalcy, and each one with a private key. Does this man know what normal is? The wonders of

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Earn Your Rights

Earn Your Rights You earn your human rights By being human. If you let the engineers Improve your brain, Go over the fine print With an attorney, Find out who's qualified To judge you sane: And don't accept The automatic updates Or sign away the patents To your DNA; Copyright your thoughts

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Squid Squad in the Metaverse

Squid Squad in the Metaverse In a perfect world, You'd be an avatar. The perfect world Is right there in your helmet. If you don't like the North Star, You can move it. Take that, you stupid piece of light. Make no mistake about it, You can make any mistake you like. Nothing

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Stay Dangerous

Stay Dangerous Stay safe and be effect. Cause is not politically correct. Stay dangerous to those of ill intent, Else you'll wonder where your intention went. Stay safe, the jailers tell me. Stay safe, enjoy your cell. If I get out of here alive, I'll visit you in hell. 2021 Alan

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Let Me Be Clear

Let Me Be Clear "Let me be clear," said the politician. "Permission granted," I replied. But try as he might To dispel the mist, He couldn't say two words Without a twist. In his defense, I must admit It was too big an ask. The man was just too full of shit.

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Human Virus

Human Virus If we believe in Papa Gates The human virus propagates By saying it's a spirit, Infecting all that's near it. Feb. 1, 2022 Alan Graham

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Social Bot

Social Bot I'll be your social bot. I'm everything you're not. I'll be your secret shopper, Your everyday bar hopper. I'll get you into clubs Where you've only met with snubs. The only thing I ask Is don't remove your mask: That's where you get to shine, Cuz I'm always wearing mine.

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Trusting Souls

Trusting Souls Trusting souls: You can't be blamed, I suppose. You've relied on other agencies To engineer your safety, not your death; It wasn't your specialty; It's a full-time job being you. You can't be expected to be your own CDC. We've already got a CDC. And if it is a puppet

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Unintelligent Redesign

Unintelligent Redesign A cairn is a simple pile of stones, used to mark a trail or someone’s passing. How many cairns have built themselves In all of time everlasting? I was taught to challenge assumptions, yet never once was I shown a life form that designed itself or a stone that climbed

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To Klaus Schwab, with Love

To Klaus Schwab, with Love You’re such a homo sapiens! You think I’m just a brain. You’d flush my disagreements Like a plumber would flush a drain. You see me as the merest speck, and hesitant to boot; To you, my country is nothing more than another village to loot. Please come

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