Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope I wish to sprinkle gold dust on all of you (and the whole world) today, in rays of golden hope that love and peace will soon find their way, into the hearts and minds of men who have lost their way. To those who think war will bring on

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Ode to Nikki Giovanni

Ode to Nikki Giovanni I am the baddest poet of all time cuz I can take any word and make it rhyme I can make it dance then do a headstance, Like a circus horse I can even make it prance. "Who what where why Abernathy pumpkin pie Lilly White molasses Brown they

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With this poem I declare war on conformity, thru my words, my bluntness and complete lack of diplomacy. 'Group think' fits me like a lumpy pillow under my butt. I will never get comfortable with it. Laughing Heart aka June Middleton

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