Love is on the Mountain

Love is on the Mountain There are days like these, my friend When love seems far away It comes and goes a fleeting thing and never seems to stay I know it is a thing we want But craving it's a curse Then to have would stand the lash Of pain and

Love is on the Mountain2022-02-21T00:48:31+00:00

Summer Rain

Summer Rain There is a hushed stillness Right before the rain comesThe trees stretchIn expectationThe grass listensA crystalline clarity sharpensThe landscapeIntensified in electric greensPressed against a boiling mountainOf gunmetal cloudsSwiftly closing over the azure skyIn the distance a jagged silver sliverSlashes through the moving gray curtainAround me the air becomes lushI am rushedBy smells

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The End

The End There is no end Just beginnings And games in progress What's the score? There are no losses Just experience And points on the graph What's the trend? LD Sledge

The End2022-02-21T00:43:26+00:00

Old Friend

Old Friend I remember Barefoot Hiding with you In summer hay Long ago You were my friend Where are you today? I hope You can still play LD Sledge

Old Friend2022-02-21T00:39:27+00:00

Morning Benediction

Morning Benediction On the slate of morning I write my day Inscribed with simple symbols That cast the spell I close my eyes and breathe the trees I suck the day into my bones and integrate Yet knowing it is all an extension of myself My senses stretch and feel The melody played

Morning Benediction2022-02-21T00:31:45+00:00
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