Who Put the Bomp

Who Put the Plan in the Planetary Ping Pong? Voice and karaoke mix: Neal Fox Lyrics: Dean Blehert, with apologies to The Overtones Who put the dem in pandemonium? Who put the plan in the planetary ping pong? Who put the ic in the icky PANdemic? Who put the jab

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North Hampton Chatter

NORTH HAMPTON CHATTER a. I wanted to see where time worshipped you we did not grow old together and time ravaged rather than revered b. city hall mode of reflections of glorious past recounted memory how we longed to sit wave to fellow travelers who on Sunday became republicans and lost their comradery c.

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Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope I wish to sprinkle gold dust on all of you (and the whole world) today, in rays of golden hope that love and peace will soon find their way, into the hearts and minds of men who have lost their way. To those who think war will bring on

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Kiss Encounters Deer

Kiss Encounters Deer by Dean Blehert You see, poised in the headlights, a deer, graceful beyond words. You try to say it--the words keep falling over, so you tuck it away, hoping to find use for that beauty someday. Later you meet a girl whose kiss has a lightness you

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When Smart Bombs Go Bad

When Smart Bombs Go Bad by Dean Blehert [This one is from the 90s, when our “smart bombs” dropped on Serbia did some stupid things – like hitting the  Chinese embassy.] Dear Editor, I understand and share the outrage of those who condemn the tragic bombings of buses, apartment complexes,

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