These clots are massive before they’re finally detected.

Embalmers drain the blood from the deceased person and replace it with embalming fluid.  Here’s an interview with an embalmer who is finding long white rubbery clots never seen prior to the COVID “vaccine” roll-out.  He took photos and video footage of what he’s observing, and answers  difficult questions in this interview.

Since the start of the COVID 19 “vaccination” program, some never-before-seen events have been occurring regarding deaths.  These include young children dying from heart inflammation, athletes dropping dead on the field, and a 40% increase in the number of all-cause related deaths in working-age people.

According to this interview by Dr. Jane Ruby, a nurse practitioner, her guest, Richard Hirschman is an embalmer who claims he pulled clots out of people who have died. He provided photographs of veins with clots. He said he started finding fibrous clots in bodies the middle of 2021, after COVID “vaccines” were introduced. He believes that the clots are from COVID “vaccines,” but is not able to prove his claim at this time. Hirschman said many people are dying of heart attacks and strokes.

When Dr. Ruby asked Hirschman how often he’s finding these mystery clots, he said, “Out of about 35 people I’ve embalmed this month, I’d say 20-24 have had them.” He said the number of people with these blockages has recently increased from around 50% to almost 80%. Some of the bodies that he treated were confirmed to have been vaccinated. More evidence and investigation is needed using microscope analysis and chemical testing of the clots.