First, Do Harm

Mark Twain once said: “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Similarly, to a monopoly with a few hundred million vials of experimental gene treatments in inventory, every human looks like a guinea pig.

To serve their pharmaceutical masters, American healthcare providers have chosen a path of deliberate harm for their profession and their patients, forcing ethical doctors out of practice, forbidding workable treatments and enforcing toxic ones.

Doctors in America are being forced to choose between their jobs and their integrity. Apparently you can’t have both without an alternate system that isn’t in the pocket of Big Pharma.

For all health workers, the rule is  “jab or no job” – until their employer notices the work force has been dangerously depleted. Do they also notice that they’ve been driving out some of their best workers?

The experimental subject’s right to informed consent, as guaranteed by the Nuremberg Code, is trampled without comment.

To call these employees “vaccine hesitant” would be like characterizing a woman as “rape hesitant.”

What can I do about it?

First, and foremost, don’t comply.

Demonstrations can help keep the pressure on.  Children’s Health Defense coordinates demonstrations around the U.S.

Also PERK (mainly California, but now reaching out more broadly). You will also meet others at these demonstrations, so you can network.

Lawsuits—Children’s Health Defense has many ongoing, and will help you get one happening in your area.  PERK does as well.  Pam Popper at has lawsuit strategies that produce results.  Project Veritas has had successful lawsuits that keep the data available.  Many small lawsuits are what is needed now–the “big guys” behind this are “too big to jail” at this point. But, getting the local people not to go along will help you and your friends and family.

Digital petitions may keep officials on notice that they are being watched.  A site for this is

Communicating to your local officials may help. Dr. David Martin has a list of Federal laws that are being violated and how to present them at  There are also documents one can use to show that these are not “vaccines” but experimental genetic treatments so that any use of them requires INFORMED CONSENT (including possible harms) under the Nuremberg Codes, which are also in U.S. Law, at 18 U.S. C. section 2331 subsection 8802, Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in the death of American Citizens.  A set of documents to print off are at under “prosecution.”  For Europeans, World Freedom Alliance has posted a “Notice of Liability” for use in EU countries.

An earlier version showing data that this is all planned is available at  with a copy of the data on patents of the “vaccine” within weeks of the patent on the virus itself, and more, and how to print it and present it.

The way to deal with any of these documents is to have the written document to present to the official with another document for the recipient to sign and date.  Make sure there is a line for a PRINTED name, as most of their signatures are illegible.  Go into the office with another person who will video the interaction and sign the documents of receipt as a witness.  The point here is you want to be CERTAIN and can prove that the person received the documents.  Once this is done, if they act going along with these illegal breaches of human rights, they become liable, personally and in their official capacity, for damages.  “Just following orders” is no defense.

If your local public officials like school board members, city councilmen, county supervisors, state representatives, etc. are not currently promoting the “vaccine” mandates, go in and visit, build rapport, and help them with data, as needed.  A Voice for Choice Advocacy has worked on methods to do this.

Third, withdraw support.  Find local people who are in agreement with you on this issue and work as a team.  Pam Popper recommends starting what has become known as “Thursday groups,” which meet on Thursday (or whenever works for the participants) to sort out, by skill, etc., food production, medical care as needed, communications, schooling for kids, etc.  She can be reached at  People who can run for local offices, like school board or sheriff, etc., could also be found and become part of the group.  The meetings are disciplined and organized and short.  The real work is done by each member during the week.

This strategy of building a parallel structure that is not reliant on the big corporations or the government as it exists now is also recommended by Children’s Health Defense and Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report.