I used to import the letters
for my poems from Switzerland
because of their precision
and multi-lingual characteristics
my poetry would then hone
in on topics that I felt
were of international concern

Soon after
I turned to France
I wanted to put some romance
into my poems
and I thought what better
way to do it but to import
French formed letters
to give them just the right touch
so to speak

Lately I thought my poetry
could use some spice
some accents might do
and I could import
and even Australian accents
to put a nice randy touch
to my poetry

But then I thought to myself
Buy American
Use American letters
to form my revolutionary poetry
words of poignant praise
for the spirit
and not the money hungry craze

After all
it is time for a modern
American revolution
a revolution of mind
and spirit
with lots of soul

Larry Jaffe