We are in a pandemic.


We are not in a pandemic. The World Health Organization conveniently changed the definition of the word “pandemic” in 2009, taking out the words “with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” Now it can simply be the appearance of “a new influenza virus against which the human population has no immunity.”

This is a deception in order to accomplish a hidden agenda, to justify the declaration of a State of Emergency which in turn would justify approving liability-free experimental gene therapies and other COVID-19-related drugs.

COVID-19 could have easily been brought to its knees with worldwide use of cheap, available and effective drugs such as Ivermectin, corticosteroids such as budesonide, and vitamin protocols such as vitamin C and D3, Quercetin and zinc. These remedies were made known quite early by a number of prominent doctors after the release of the virus. But these drugs were suppressed and maligned, the vitamin protocols not promoted and the doctors censored.

FLCCC Protocols: A Guide to the Management of COVID-19