we are all heroes in
this revolution
the first people’s revolution
of america and the world
a global revolution of
little people and big people
it is the first revolution without
an axe to grind or sides to take
it is a revolution of liberty
freedom for all something
the constitution supposedly guarantees
and leaves to the people to
carry out not their representatives
who only pass their own bills
billing the people for their time
but this is the revolution
the people’s revolution
no more victims of
wandering mercenaries
everyone has gotten
their just do
we be heroes
in our own minds
and everyone else’s
identifying suppression
casting out oppression
our heroic jobs
no climbing of olympus
to find these fools
discovering the devils
trying to enchant us
with this diabolical folk lore
this is not the dark side
this is the deep dark cesspool
of entrapment
we have to look farther than
our own hearts to find these
devils who would have us
believe that we are all evil
when it is their tarnished silver tongues
that pierce our vanity and
carry their messages of futility
no our hearts are clean
even at our worst
christ only made devils when
he returned not when he walked
the promised land
we don’t need to point fingers
at our neighbors
they work hard at jobs and
tedium like clockwork
raising kids and friends
not always quite sure but
always quite there when you
need them despite the
media’s plea of manic excess
so we need this revolution
cause the situation is revolting

Larry Jaffe