“Proprietary Ingredients” Explained

The “vaccines” have labels that say “proprietary ingredients,” so one is not allowed to know what is in them.  However, these are disclosed in the patents given for the “vaccines,” as all ingredients are required to be put in the patent.  (This is not to say that some or most of the batches being issued are the exact contents described in a patent, but it is a starting point).  Note that the author of this investigation says that the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2013 that any organism that is not natural, that is patented, becomes the property of the owner of the patent.  The author of the site states that this includes humans, so one who has been altered by a patented substance is no longer a human being, so would have no human rights, and would be “transhuman.”  This study of patents is by Dr. Ariyana Love. The website is ambassadorlove.wordpress.com