Move over, COVID. PPSD is worse — and it can’t be detected.

You saw it here first–unless you follow Jeff Childers, who I stole it from. On his daily Coffee & Covid blog, Jeff wrote:

It’s Monday, February 7 — only 21 days until the State of The Union. I can’t wait! Today’s roundup includes: nearly conclusive evidence that Narrative 2.0 is officially coming in a White House pivot; LinkedIn begins allowing articles critical of the mandates; a new public health crisis is brewing, and it’s definitely not the jabs; herd-like, experts begin calling for an end to the pandemic; the White House knows just who to blame for bad Covid policy; Freedom Convoy news; Republicans censure party traitors; a historic shift in party affiliation; and a fun twitter poll.

What’s this about a new public health crisis? Fake doctors are brewing up something called “Post Pandemic Stress Disorder,” or PPSD. We think it’s simply “vaccine” injuries repurposed as a new disease.

Which is it? Heart disease — or mental illness? You decide:

Heart disease!

Mental illness!

But wait, there’s more! It looks like the fear brokers have an HIV “pandemic” up their sleeve. Prince Harry is ready to lead the charge. Stay tuned!