The COVID-19 shots provide greater protection than natural immunity. Humans who have had COVID-19 can still become infected and transmit the infection to others, and therefore must get the vaccine.


There are at least 140 high-quality research studies that show naturally acquired immunity is equal to or superior to immunity from vaccines, according to a publication by the Brownstone Institute in October 2021.

An example is an Israeli study posted December 5, 2021 called “Protection and waning of natural and hybrid COVID-19 immunity,” which not only showed that natural immunity provides greater protection than the vaccine, but also showed that those people who were previously uninfected and got vaccinated were nine times more likely to have severe cases than those who were naturally immune after having COVID-19 but remained unvaccinated.

Another study described the activity of the immune system’s memory B cells in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. With natural immunity, the memory B cells continue to evolve for months and even years to guard against viral variants.  The memory B cells of previously uninfected but vaccinated, on the other hand, evolve only for a few weeks and on a much narrower basis, thus requiring boosters.

With the vaccinated, there  is the situation where the virus can “leak,” or mutate, in order to continue its survival. This is the likely source of the variants that are emerging.

A further problem with the vaccination, as described in a Vietnamese study published in Lancet in October 2021, was that the viral loads of vaccinated who contracted the Delta variant were 251 times higher than in cases measured in March-April 2020. A researcher expressed worry that this is dangerous for the unvaccinated, but those who have natural immunity have a broad-based immune system actively creating antibodies against all variants, which the vaccinated simply don’t have.

The CDC was asked by ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) for any evidence they had that those with natural immunity to COVID-19 could become re-infected, and transmit it to others. The CDC admitted they have no evidence, and that they don’t collect that information.

An Israeli study of over 800,000 people who had recovered from natural infection of Covid-19 showed a reinfection rate of .0086%, a total of 72 cases. The study also showed that Israelis who were vaccinated were reinfected at a rate of .0578%, or 6.72 times the rate of those who recovered from a natural infection.