COVID is back on the rampage with a new, scarier “Omicron variant.”


Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains in this interview that in the usual PCR test protocol, there are three primers (fragments of single stranded DNA), and if all three are positive, it is considered to be a positive test and the person is diagnosed with COVID. But now the criteria has changed and only two primers are required for a test to be deemed positive. The change in protocol is a way to convert negative results to positive results and call it a new thing, which was named Omicron. The result is an increase in the number of COVID “cases.”

Dr. Kaufman has shown many times that the SARS-Cov-2 virus has never been isolated, a process of separating it from everything else and viewing it under a microscope, and cannot be proven to exist. Similarly, the new Omicron variant of the COVID virus has yet to be isolated and proven to exist. Omicron is an ‘in silico’ computer-produced genome sequence. According to, at the end of 2021 there was no clinical test authorized, approved, or available for purchase for any variant, and no scientific publications were studying “Omicron.”

Oh, and if it is valid, it’s not that big a deal.