The “vaccines” will deliver humanity from the “pandemic.”


The SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are laughably ineffective. A September 2021 study which covered 68 countries around the world and almost 3000 counties in the U.S showed actually showed that the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the number of cases.

A perfect demonstration of this fact is a recent Norwegian Cruise Line cruise where 100% of the staff and passengers were fully vaccinated, and yet there was still a COVID-19 outbreak. The ship departed from New Orleans, Louisiana, had stops in Mexico, Honduras and Belize, intending to be back on December 5, 2021. On the way back they identified a number of so-called “cases,” although everyone was asymptomatic. So, according to plan, they had to implement quarantine, isolation and contact tracing on their 3200 passengers.

It could easily be argued the watered-down definition of “case” being used now is worthless, since it doesn’t require having symptoms. The suppression of the simple drugs that could easily solve real cases, and the censorship of information about them, are the actual problems here.

Chart from Johns Hopkins compares “COVID” cases per million in Israel (green line) to the rate in India (dark line). Note that Israel is one of the most jabbed countries on earth, while India is one of the least.