Squid Squad in the Metaverse

In a perfect world,
You’d be an avatar.
The perfect world
Is right there in your helmet.

If you don’t like the North Star,
You can move it.
Take that, you stupid piece of light.

Make no mistake about it,
You can make any mistake you like.
Nothing is ever tragic.
Wait, do you see this spike?

Is that the spike before the flatline?
Try our handy mind eraser.
It’s basically nanny particles
With a brandy chaser.

We’re all in it together.
We’re all out of it together.
We’re all laid out on the floor together.

We’re petals of a flower,
Arms of a starfish,
Ink of a squadron of squid.

Ink is cheap, but life is cheaper.
Tell me where to meet my reaper,
Father confessor in a chat room.

I hope there’s chocolate
In my virtual tomb.

Dec. 16, 2021
Alan Graham