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We should follow whatever Dr. Fauci says because he represents science and has our best interests at heart.


Anthony Fauci has repeatedly asserted, “If you attack me, you’re attacking science.” It follows that if you don’t agree with Dr. Fauci, you’re not a scientist. Do we need to list all the scientists who disagree with Fauci?

Like any profession, clinical research has honest practitioners and unscrupulous–even cruel–ones. What would you call a researcher who started every clinical trial with the outcome predetermined, conveniently discarding all conflicting data?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, as head of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), is charged with protecting the health of the American people. Instead, he has spent his entire career as a government bureaucrat answering to the pharmaceutical lobby. He has a long, repeated pattern of suppressing drugs that would save countless numbers of lives because they are off-patent and no longer profitable, manipulating circumstances so that only his favored drugs, unproven and toxic but hugely profitable for pharma, are researched and approved.

His response to the AIDS epidemic set a cruel pattern. He partnered with various pharmaceutical companies to conduct 10,906 experimental drug trials on children in 90 countries. A 2004 BBC documentary, “Guinea Pig Kids,” exposed some of these experiments being run in New York City on foster children, mostly minorities. These toxic drugs caused horrendous side effects and sometimes death. Those administering these drugs were assured these side effects were caused by the HIV, not the drug. If the children refused, they were force-fed the drugs. If the children still refused, the drugs were injected through feeding tubes in their stomachs. If adults took their children off the drugs, the children could be removed from the home with no recourse. Many of these helpless children died, including 80 in a single Manhattan foster home alone. Some of these experiments were exposed in a 2004 BBC documentary, “Guinea Pig Kids,” as detailed in The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Meanwhile, the doctors devoted to actually getting their AIDS patients well had come up with drug regimens that were showing good results, but their pleas for funding fell on deaf ears. Finally, hounded for being unresponsive by AIDS activists who wanted the funding for the drugs that were working, he purportedly set up trials for these drugs. But it was all a ruse. Instead, he devised the trials to fail, paving the way for approval of the experimental drug AZT, priced at $10,000 per treatment, at a time when most AIDS patients were destitute. Because AZT proved to be lethal, many people died that would have lived if Fauci had funded the cheap, off-patent drugs that actually worked.

This is a pattern Fauci has continued to this day: suppressing life-saving drugs that have been proven to work effectively and safely. With COVID-19, he has suppressed ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. devising experiments on those drugs that would inevitably result in failure and death, without any compassion to those in the experiments who could have easily lived if the experiments were not fraudulent. He deceived the world into thinking these were lethal drugs, allowing only his pet drug, Remdesivir, to be prescribed, even though Remdesivir had already been proven to be lethal in prior clinical trials for Ebola, having a death rate of 53.3%. The safety monitors of the Ebola trials recommended Remdesivir be dropped because of its lethality. A separate study, run by Gilead, the company that produces Remdesivir, found that 60% of the patients in the clinical trial had adverse events, and 23% had serious adverse events, including acute kidney injury, septic shock, hypotension, and multiple-organ-dysfunction syndrome. See the NIH report, “Two drugs reduce risk of death from Ebola.”

Fauci’s behavior pattern was to scare everyone with the threat of massive deaths from a new pandemic, get large sums of money to fund trials for his favored drugs and vaccines, and if needed, suppress any drug that would compete with his cornered market.

Fauci’s response to the swine flu in 1976 was to hype it as deadly as the 1918 Spanish flu, to scare Congress into giving him $150 million dollars for vaccines. Exactly one person actually died. But there were so many people injured from the experimental swine flu vaccine that the government ended up paying out $80 million to them. The bird flu pandemic of 2005 resulted in 100 deaths. The hyped Hong Kong swine flu pandemic in 2009 simply never happened. But the 2009 swine flu vaccine did, and it caused severe injuries, including brain damage, paralysis, narcolepsy, miscarriages and sudden muscle weakness (cataplexy). Then came the zika virus and dengue fever scares in 2016, both  false alarms, ushered in with great hype and fear-mongering, rewarded with many millions of dollars for vaccine development. The huge profits went to Big Pharma. Fauci and the NIAID would get their cut.