Farmers and Truckers Stopped from Providing Food

Dec. 29, 2021–Ice Age Farmer gives examples around the globe of how supply chains are being destroyed to cause food shortages. Unvaccinated consumers have been denied access to food through vaccine passports. In Western Australia, unvaxxed farmers will be prevented from delivering their grain crops. New trucking regulations will require truck drivers crossing the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated. A document from Botswana stated that the country will not import staple crops, which will ensure food shortages, in order to “enhance the RESET AGENDA.” China has been hoarding grain, owns half of the world’s supply, and is driving up prices.

The scenarios enacted in John Podesta’s “Food Chain Reaction Game,” a war game funded by George Soros, predicted events that are being acted out today.


Lockdown fallout

It was all done in the name of “public health.”

As the panic of “pandemic” spread in early 2020, each stage of the food distribution supply chain had to be stopped, locked down, and granted limited permission to function.

Goods accumulated in warehouses, but couldn’t be moved. Goods could be moved, but small stores couldn’t sell them and restaurants couldn’t serve them.

Miraculously, the giant retail chains were immune.

As we clear-cut forests, as we turn farms into industrial monocultures that produce toxic, nutritionally empty commodities, as our diets become degraded through industrial processing with synthetic chemicals and genetic engineering, and as we perpetuate the illusion that earth and life are raw materials to be exploited for profits, we are indeed connecting. But instead of connecting on a continuum of health by protecting biodiversity, integrity, and self-organization of all living beings, including humans, we are connected through disease.

Disruption of the food supply violates Human Rights 1, 2, 3, 23, 25, 28, 29, 30.