Valentine’s Bouquet

for Maggy

Love Is the Reward

Love is the reward
of a lifetime’s hopes
And wishes

And with that connection
You can have all the riches
You’ve been saving

Against the day
Someone would say “Yes,
Your words are the gold

That lift me from poverty,
And I am pledged
To return the flow.”


So much I was missing without you
The world wasn’t just incomplete
I wouldn’t know what was missing
Until we could finally meet

The song says what will be will be,
But life is what we make.
A world built on affinity
Improves with every mistake.

Two spirits seeking harmony
And unafraid of creation
Can make themselves a galaxy
Or a point of exquisite sensation.

Alan’s Ocean

All I knew about love
In the ages before we met
Was there had to be someone like you,
But you hadn’t shown up yet.

How would we meet?
And what would I give?
And most of all,
who would you be?

And were you no more
than the opposite shore
Across an impassable sea?

I felt like an island at times,
But the moon was on my side.
As long as it tugged at the waves,
You might come to wade in the tide.

And if I could be
Both island and sea
I had the extravagant notion
you’d someday find your way to me
On the shore of Alan’s ocean.

Feb. 2022
Alan Graham