Anyone who doesn’t submit to Sars-Cov-2 “vaccinations” is selfish.


This would be true if there were a pandemic, and the only way out were to “vaccinate” everyone. Both conditions are false.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus isn’t a pandemic for four reasons. First, the “case” rate has been vastly exaggerated, based on countless numbers of false positives from a flawed PCR test. Second, the death rate from COVID is also vastly exaggerated because of a deceptive change in how to count deaths, outlined below. Third, there are safe and effective ways to treat COVID that could have easily saved half a million people since March 2020. Fourth, the very definition of a pandemic was changed so that it doesn’t have to have large numbers of deaths, just the emergence of a new disease that can be transmitted around the globe.

Yes, hundreds of thousands have died since a pandemic was declared. But most of these deaths were from causes other than the virus. The CDC changed the rules on how to record deaths so that if a person had tested positive for COVID or even was suspected of having COVID with no verification, but had died of any other cause, such as diabetes, heart attack, pneumonia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, even accidents or gun shots, they were to be counted as a death from COVID. So the “deaths from COVID” statistic is completely fraudulent.

Yes, a huge number of COVID “cases” have been reported. But this definition too has been changed. If a case is simply someone who tests positive on a PCR test, and the PCR test is rigged to generate false positives, statistical “evidence” can be produced to justify drastic measures.

But that’s not what a case is.

The correct CDC definition of “case” is someone who is presenting signs and symptoms that match a certain disease pattern, as determined through physical examination, and has been in contact in some way with someone else with the illness. By that definition, the number of “cases” would be vastly lower.

We now know the PCR test has been run fraudulently to produce outrageously inflated numbers of “cases,” most of which are false positives. The CDC instructions since January 2020 have been to cycle the human sample (amplify it over and over again) at a level that fragments of almost any virus, infectious or not, could show up, and produce a false positive. This is the deception that has been used to drastically inflate the number of “cases,” to justify locking up the world.

The truth is that these deceptions are being used to destroy democratic governments in favor of a oligarchy-run world government. COVID and enforced vaccinations are being used as tools to accomplish this. Those who understand the seriousness of what is really happening are not selfish for wanting to preserve the democratic principles enshrined in our constitution and that have evolved over centuries. Just the opposite. Taking an unpopular position to preserve freedom in the face of intense peer pressure and possible retaliation is an act of courage and incredible unselfishness.